New Management

The hall is now being managed by The Rock Church. They have been an active member of Churches Together in West Bridgford since the church was founded in 2010 by Pastors Alistair & Kate Kent.

Part of the church's interest in taking over the running of the hall was because they were regular hirers of the hall when they ran their Sunday services from the venue between 2013 and 2016.

The Church's services are now located out of their own building - The Rock Hub - on Wellin Lane Edwalton, where they also run a pre-school and have plans for an extension so that they can run more community projects from that end of West Bridgford.

There are currently no plans to run a service out of the hall, but over and above the private hiring of the facility, it does give the opportunity to put in some of their own community projects to serve people across the other side of Bridgford.

Sofia Lesiuk is managing operations at Lutterell Hall and is available to talk through any potential booking requirements or give you a guided tour of the refurbished facilities. You can get in touch here.

Below is a press release from Rushcliffe Borough Council which explains a little more about the transition that has taken place.

Press release (26-3-2021)

Rushcliffe Borough Council has signed a lease agreement with The Rock Church to manage Lutterell Hall in West Bridgford whilst the authority retains ownership of the venue.

From May 1 The Rock Church will manage day to day bookings and usage of the Hall, keeping the building open for community use with St Giles’ preschool continuing to use the base.

The new operating model will realise the shared ambitions of the community, council and local groups to attract more community activities to the Hall and provides an increased sense of community ownership and involvement of this valued asset in the town.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Simon Robinson: “We’re very pleased The Rock Church have agreed the lease that opens a new chapter for the Hall.

“Their experience of managing a venue nearby in Edwalton highlighted their suitability to also manage the Hall and as a regular hirer in the past, they are familiar with the building and its potential.

“They have a strong desire for the Hall to continue to operate as a community building and this was significant in our decision to appoint them to manage the Hall.

“The Council will retain ownership and continue dialogue with The Rock and the community on ensuring it can run as a financially sustainable community facility for local residents.”

The Rock Church have plans for extending use of the hall and are keen to work with existing user groups to secure their bookings once community buildings open from April 12 in line with central government’s COVID-19 road map.

Alistair Kent, Senior Leader of The Rock Church said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be taking on the management of the hall, especially with it being a significant building for the community in our great town.

“As well as immediately improving on the Hall’s previous offering for hirers, over time, we will also be looking to add social projects for the betterment of local people, such as children, families and the elderly.”

The Rock’s Operations Manager Sofia Lesiuk added: “Having spent many years working on community enhancement projects in Rushcliffe, it is clear that the community spirit is still very much alive here in West Bridgford.

“Lutterell Hall is not only located at the heart of West Bridgford, but also in the hearts of the local people. Many will have fond memories of the special times they have shared here and this is something we wish to see continue well into the future.”

The Council has owned the Hall in central West Bridgford for over 40 years and a public consultation was held on its future in 2019.

The option for a lease agreement was highlighted as the strongest route to provide opportunities for the Hall’s offering to grow and further involve the community and still provide the Council’s overarching support to maintain the building.

The Rock Church Senior leaders,
Alistair & Kate Kent

Hall Manager,
Sofia Lesiuk

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Rock Church using Lutterell Hall for religious purposes?

In short, no. We may use it periodically to help us run our church programme, but the hall will mainly be utilised by private hirers and community groups, as previous.

Is the pre-school still being run from the hall?

Yes! We are also pleased to say that all previous 'regular users' have said they want to return in late June.

Are you going to run the hall differently to before?

Simply put, yes - we have to! Why? Because the reason the council invited local organisations to submit proposals for running the hall was because it was costing local tax payers' money to keep it open. The hall was making a loss within the council's wider structure, but we are working through our own individual plans and projections to increase usage which will in turn keep it running in the black - and eventually even create new job opportunities.

Some of the main changes are:

  • Our online booking system
  • Renovations and installation of Audio Visual equipment
  • Our wedding packages
  • The introduction of a coffee shop
  • Token system for car park

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