Mehndi / Henna

We are delighted to be able to offer a service tailored for a range of traditional Asian based wedding celebrations.

Understanding the requirements for such events - namely, time required to set up the stage, an emphasis on food, a place to pray, and no need of a licensed bar - we believe we have an excellent proposition for your Mehndi / Henna party.

Our spacious main hall is one of the biggest spaces available in the area and can seat 150 people (120 with an aisle) around tables.

And to enhance your celebration you can choose from any of our add-on services such as our AV package and our hot drinks station. Read below for more details! 

Questions & Answers

When is the hall available?

Unlike our standard 'Celebrations' package which is set between 6pm and midnight, this package allows some more flexibility in booking times which means if there is no booking earlier in the day, then there's the flexibility to start and finish your event earlier in the day if you prefer.

Please note that your 'booking' time is your 'access' time, so you when thinking about what time to invite your guests you need to allow for set up time (customers normally allow between 2 and 4 hours for this, particularly with a sophisticated stage set).

What does the Audio Visual Bundle include?

With our AV Bundle you get access to a range of different colour settings that spectacularly light up our feature double-height barrel-vaulted ceiling. There are also party lights all set up if you want to use them as part of any performance or dancing.

Our in built PA system gives you the option to simply plug in your phone, tablet or laptop so you can play music in the hall straight from your device.

There is also the option to use a microphone for any announcements.

And as a finishing touch why not utilse our media projectors to display images on our two large screens? Whether that be a simple wedding image or video clips for your guests to watch.

We've got everything covered for you with this, our most popular add-on.

What is the self catering fee for?

The self catering fee is a standard charge used across most venue for customers who don't want to use in-house caterers. 

Our fee also covers the use of the kitchen for any minor preparations or heating of food, storage space and washing up.

What is the servery area?

Seen as the bar is not in use we will clear the furniture in the lounge to the back of the room to create an ideal servery area for you right next to the kitchen for convenience, and adjoining the main hall so your guests can easily access the food you will be serving.

This is a must have add-on in if food is a key feature of the event. And it also frees up space in the main hall for more people to be seated.

What does the 'Unlimited Hot Drinks' include?

From the arrival of your first guest and throughout your event, we'll make sure that there is always tea and coffee availble - free of charge to all your guests.

Whether someone fancies grabbing themselves a cuppa to have with their food or someone just prefers a hot beverage over a cold one, this cost-effective additional option is a great one to keep your guests happy.

Where is the prayer room?

We have a separate room upstairs that you can book out for people to use anytime during your booking to pray.

It is a quieter, private place available to use.

Why would I want a Venue Manager?

We recommend booking a Venue Manager for your celebration if you want it to run smoothly, to schedule, and without any hiccups.

Our facilities staff will open up close up the building for you, but may not always be around throughout the duration of your booking. But you can have a staff member who will be fully briefed on your booking and on hand throughout your event to:

  • Help with any final bits of set up, including adding or taking away tables and chairs.
  • Make sure all guests enter the building safely and are made aware of their surroundings.
  • Change lighting to the appropriate settings at various parts of the night.
  • Start any playlists / background music.
  • Make sure any video clips/images/slideshows are set up and come on at the right time.
  • Keep a check on the heating and ventilation.
  • Deal with any accidents or spillages.
  • Help with operating any kitchen appliances.

As a hirer, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy your event along with all other guests, so why not take the pressure of yourself and book a Venue Manager.

Can you dress the tables?

Yes! For an extra charge we can add some sparkle and sophistication to the tables and chairs. Prices are listed on the table on this page and include fitting.

As a basic option we can add white or black tablecloths with or without a table runner.

If you want to go further we can add white seat covers with or without sashes that match the table runners.

If you've tried looking at hire prices for these items that cover hirer's mileage, fitting, removing and laundering, I'm sure you'll agree our prices are very competitive, if not unbeatable!

Let us know your colour theme and we'll hopefully have a good match.

If you can't find the answer to your questions above, or anywhere else on this page, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Set up pictures

Event pictures


Hall Hire and Set Up
Audio Visual Bundle
Self-Catering Fee
Servery Area
Unlimited Hot Drinks
Prayer Room
Venue Manager
£7 each
Table Runners
£1.50 each
White Chair Covers
£0.75 each
Chair Sashes
£0.75 each

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