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Classes & Clubs

If you're looking for somewhere to run an exercise class, adult/toddler class, Scouts or Guides clubs or any other similar activities where you need a big space that requires minimal to no set-up, then you're in the right place!

The classes and clubs rate is £40ph (with a 10% discount available for registered charities).

Our in-house 'Audio Visual Bundle' is also available at a small extra charge (£17 per session). With this package you get access to our brand new in-house PA (available with headset for exercise class instructors). You can also use our custom lighting that can be set to a calming atmosphere for mindfulness classes or an energetic 'light to sound' effect for those full-on workouts. Simply select the 'add-on' after selecting your booking date below.

Please note: For a 1hr class you should allocate an hour and a half booking (allowing 15 minutes either side for your members to enter and depart).